Discover the ever-growing Universe of information from millions of data sources ranging from News to Blogs to Social Media.


Unravel the complexity of analyzing News and co-relating it with various Structured and Unstructured Datasets


Build up on your Short-Term, Medium-Term and Long-Term Communication Strategies


Link your Business Outcome to your Communication Activity

Universal Data, look no further

AI has the best coverage of sources to cover the whole of the digital footprint. Our partnership ensures that our customers has to look no further into the ever growing universe of data. We not only cover digital along with Print but also the Social Universe to give a holistic perspective.

Intelligent insights, What matters

Understanding and deriving insights from the is critical. AI’s proprietary engine goes through hundred of thousands of data points to understand the co-relation among s data points, sentiments and the depth of coverage. What matters the most is clearly highlighted from the data for a clear picture without worrying about the noise and clutter in the data.

Being a Leader, Stay ahead

Intelligent insights can clearly be a powerful input to leaders to take timely and strategic decisions. The power of data to identify opportunities can cleat maintain the lead or be the differentiator with the competitors.

Introducing Alpha Inventa's
Intelligence Engine

Introducing "AIIE" pronounced as IE. The Al engine is proprietary & first of its kind to be able to tag Key Entities, Brands, Key Personnels and Unknown Names. The Al engine not only tags but also brings in contextual capabilities to cluster similar news avoiding repetitive news. The IE runs 24x7 to alert you of any events that might be of some interest while you are not activkey monitoring.

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